The Perfect Choice for Window Cleaning in Basingstoke

Are you tired of clumsy climbing on ladders and ineffective cleaning techniques? Why take the risk to injure yourself? Contact us today for real professional window cleaning in Basingstoke. We do not use those old methods, we clean standing on the ground with more advanced technology and techniques. We use water-fed poles and they help us reach windows up to the 4th floor! For higher buildings we have rope-access teams available. Our window cleaning is suitable for domestic and commercial properties in Basingstoke. We guarantee for spotless windows for your home or office!

The Best Window Cleaners in Basingstoke!

The window cleaners in Basingstoke know their job and how to do it right. But what makes them so competent?

  • The window cleaners are all qualified and insured. We believe only experienced personnel can manage the job right. They all pass long training so we are sure they will do no less than the best.
  • They work with the newest methods and equipment. Forget about out-timed methods and unsafe climbing! This is a new age and just like with the gutter cleaning service, the tools we use are latest technology. The window cleaners are fully instructed about safety.
  • A rope-access team is ready for the highest windows! If your property is higher than 4 stories we have rope-access team on hand.

House cleaning may be the thing we are best at, but when you take into account the usage of latest technology and add the trained window cleaners, this is a recipe for sparkling windows!

More About the Window Cleaning Services in Basingstoke

We strive to provide you with the best window cleaning services in Basingstoke! We are not satisfied with second-rate cleaning and we actively try to maintain a high-standard. Here is more detailed information about the procedures and methods we have:

  • We use water-fed-pole system – those are machines loaded with purified water and connected to extension poles. With them it is easy to reach higher windows. The pole has a squeegee at the end that can easily clean between the glass and the frame.
  • We do not use tap water – only purified water! It is powerful extractor for dirt and built-up soap residue and chemicals, that have been used beforehand. This is one of the secrets of our method. Because of its purity, it actively absorbs dirt like a magnet. Tap water will not do the job right as it contains limestone and other unwanted unwanted minerals.
  • We do not use any chemicals and definitely not soap – it will only leave streak marks on your windows and we do not want that. Upon request for stubborn dirt we can use ecologically friendly detergents.
  • We clean all types of windows on domestic or commercial properties. We can clean all frames if they are PVC.
  • 24/7 call centre, 7 days a week cleaners. The window cleaners will come any day of the week upon request!

Call Us and Book Window Cleaning in Basingstoke

Our customer care is available 24/7 on 01256 518 015 and they will give you a free estimate for your window cleaning Basingstoke! For your convenience we have a team, that will quickly answer the chat feature and any e-mail. Call today!

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